Evil Eye Crystal Candle 🧿✨


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Evil Eye Candle | Sparkle Effect

100% Soy Wax 
This candle has a sparkle effect when lit!  
- please note all crystals vary in color, shapes, & sizes

Scent - Blue Sage & Sandalwood

Indulge in a combination of nature and luxury with our clean, refreshing blend of Blue Sage & Sandalwood. Citrusy notes dance effortlessly alongside delicate florals and herbs, all delicately feathered with silky lavender and spiced clove. Natural patchouli adds depth and complexity to this unforgettable aroma while musky undertones mingle seamlessly with comforting sandalwood for a truly indulgent scent journey.

Top Notes: citrus, herbs, and jasmine notes
Middle Notes: light clove and lily notes
Bottom Notes: musk, patchouli, and sandalwood notes

Essential Oil Content: Bergamot, Clove, and Patchouli

Crystals included <3

tumbled fire & ice quartz ∙ tumbled lapis lazuli ∙ black tourmaline (chips)

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