Every candle is poured with love and topped off with magical crystals. To keep a long lasting beautiful candle please follow the instructions provided below. 

Candle Care 

♥ When the wax first melts, blow out the flame & safely remove your magical crystals with a spoon.

♥ Trim wick 1/4" before every use to avoid "mushrooming".

 For the first burn session, allow the wax to reach the edges of the candle. Otherwise, there may be tunneling.

 Crystals are safe to leave inside the candle during a burn , however, please monitor the candle by making sure that the crystals don't damage the wick.

 If crystals begin to interfere with melting process please remove to allow candle to burn evenly.

 If a crystal falls onto a wick then use a metal spoon to guide the crystals to the side of the glass.

♥ Stop use of the candle when the wax reaches 10mm-15mm from the bottom of your jar.

♥ After the candle comes to an end, simple clean out the jar with hot water and detergent. 

♥ If you decide to keep crystals inside of the candle keep an eye out for the magical crystals as they sometimes could be unpredictable. Due to their nature of coming in different shapes and sizes they may interfere with the burn or wick. We cannot be responsible for a candle that is not being monitored or handled with proper care.