Amethyst Candle


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Amethyst Crystal Candle

100% Soy Wax

Candle wax shimmers when candle is lit up! ✨

Scent- Pink Lavender Clouds ☁️


 A pink, spring sunrise under a cozy, cloudy blanket evokes wild lavender, crisp lemon leaves and fresh apple skin, along with sleepy sandalwood and amber.

Top: Lemon Leaves, Bergamot, Apple Skin

Middle: Wild Lavender Petals, Raspberries, Lotus Blossom

Bottom : Pink Sugar, Sandalwood, Amber

Chakra: Crown
Affirmation: | I am peaceful & content |

Amethyst is known as the crystal of natural tranquility. The stone carries the ability to enhance passion and creativity while purifying the aura from any negative energy that comes in its way. The purple beauty will relieve any stress, anxiety, and will balance out any mood swings.

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