Sunshine | Sparkle Effect ✨| Scent- Honeysuckle Jazmin


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Sunshine Candle 

Candle wax shimmers when candle is lit up! ✨

100% Soy Wax 

Scent- Honeysuckle Jasmin

This soft, dreamy scent opens with top notes of lemon and ginger before giving way to a heart of jasmine and honeysuckle. Hints of violet, powder, and amyris mingle with wood notes in the base of this well-rounded floral fragrance.

Top: Lemon, Ginger
Middle: Jasmine, Honeysuckle
Base: Wood, Violet, Amyris, Powder

Pixie Dust -shimmers when the candle burns

Crystals Included 

clear quartz(tower) ∙ honey calcite(chips) ∙ pyrite(tumbled)


crown ∙ solar plexus ∙ third eye

clear quartz
∙ known as the "master healer"
∙ charges & cleanses crystals
∙ amplifies & regulates energy

honey calcite
∙ promotes self-worth
∙ brings confidence & courage
∙ helps overcome obstacles

∙ brings good fortune
∙ helps establish prosperity
∙ enhances success in business


Crystals are bought to us by the one and only Mother Nature. Therefore, each crystal is perfectly unique and intuitively chosen for you. Crystals vary in color, shape, and size. Photo is simple a representation in the candle you will receive. Larger crystals will make up for smaller crystals. If there is one less crystals it is so that the weight won’t affect the melt pool.   

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